About CFHTogether we can make a difference

Our Story

Crypto For Humanity began over many conversations the founders had at Starfish Mission about transforming society using blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies completely change economic incentive structures and open up the possibility to align multiple stakeholders to create better functioning marketplaces. The thought of profitably allocating unconditional grants to low income people is truly revolutionary. As Geovanni said, ‘it’s amazing what can happen when you take the greed out of crypto.’

We created this worker owned cooperative to allocate unconditional crypto grants to low income people, in exchange for feedback on their experience using crypto wallets, exchanges, and in purchasing goods and services. We aim to run a for profit enterprise that makes money from companies who want feedback on their products while channeling donations through a non profit partner (whom we are seeking now).

Our Mission

The vision is to begin in San Francisco, where we will deploy $100,000 of cryptocurrencies to the homeless population, install POS systems in a few local stores in SOMA and Tenderloin neighborhoods, educate our population on how and where to spend their tokens, take surveys on their experiences, all while discovering out how our clients can improve their products to better serve that population.

Along the way, we will train a few grantees on product research, with the intention of welcoming them into our collective, including granting ownership once accepted. We will expand to other markets over time, and train people on the ground in each of those communities to join our team, lift themselves up out of poverty, and teach us how to collaborate well with our target audience. This is a vision of the people for the people.


Geovanni Hudson

Geovanni Hudson Product Co-Founder

Geovanni brings over 23 years of experience providing creative technology development for tech companies. Most recently he worked with Wells Fargo on exploration of blockchain technology into their financial workflows, and BBVA on their Bank of 2025 initiative. After building a few blockchain related projects of his own he is ready to give back to those communities who are left out of the tech revolution.

Jonathan Connors

Jonathan Connors Community Co-Founder

Jon is an activist and entrepreneur who is passionate about low income communities and the homeless. As Impact lead for Starfish Mission, he has helped foster SFs largest blockchain community, with events occuring 4 nights a week, and talented people gathering daily to explore the many elements of the cryptocurrency space. He previously worked as a business analyst for multiple startups in SF area, has a MS in finance from CUNY Baruch, and is driven by faith to create a better world.